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Fortune bag Lvl 5 -
perfect linking hammer
GM Extraction Hammer
Everlasting Lapis 1,2,3
100 DP coin
Extreme Accessories (rare)

Fortune bag Lvl 4 -
Everlasting Helm Lapis 1 or 2
Everlasting Accessory Lapis
100 DP coin
Lvl 8 Lapis

Map 1:

Beginner Mobs- Dual Lapis 1-4, Linking Hammer Lvl 2, FC Lvl 2

Dungeon Mice- Fortune Bag Lv4

Mobs- Lvl 5 Lapis, FC lvl 2
BOSS (Loca/Kargos)- (1000)Etin, Everlasting Mini Accessory, Lv 15 Cape

BOSS (Asmo/Knight)- Lvl 15 Legend Helmet & Lvl 30 Goddess Helmet

Cloron's Lair/Fantasma Lair:
Mobs- Lvl 40-50 Goddess Gear, Lvl 5 Lapis, FB Lvl 4
Miniboss- 2x Lvl 8 Lapis, FC Lvl 5
Boss- Pink 90 gear/weapon, old 90 cape, FB Lvl 5
Boxes- FC Lvl 5, FB Lv 5, Everlasting Lapis(Low Rate)

Mobs- Lvl 15 Legend gear, weapons, lvl 15 enchant items, Perfect Linking Hammers
Altar- Lvl 15 capes and mounts
Alter Guards- Op's & Lc's
Boss- DP Coins, Everlasting Mini Accessory

Map 2:

Fedion/Kalamus's House:
Mobs- Lvl 30-40 Goddess Gear, FC lvl 2
BOSS (Ajuha/Elkid): FB Lv 4, Lv 6 Lapis

Maitreyan/Adion Nekria:
Mobs- Lvl 6 Lapis, 50+ Goddess Gear/weapons, enchants, Lvl 54 Capes,
BOSS (Ankylul/Astaroth)- 15 & 30 Helmets

Cantabilian- Lvl 30
Mobs- Lvl 30 Goddess Gear/weapons, enchants, Dual Lapis Lv 6,Magic Iron Powders
Altar- Lvl 30 Capes and Mounts
Alter Guards- Op's and Lc's
Mazes-Dual Lapis 1-4
Boss-Lv 30 Goddess Accs, Lv 30 Cape, Dp Coin

Elemental Caves/Ruber Chaos:
Mobs- FB Lvl 4, FB Lv 5, Letters
Bosses-90 capes, Everlasting Mini Accessories, FB Lvl 5, FB Lvl 4, Letter

Cryptic Throne:
Haru/FM- Pink 90 Gear/weapon Boxes- chance of Everlasting Lapis
Mobs- Ele Lvl 2, FB Lvl 4, 50+ Goddess Gear
Mini Bosses- GM Rerolls, FB Lv 5
CTI- Lv 100 Cape

Map 3:

Mobs-Ele Lv1, FC Lv3

Stigma Caves/Aurizen Ruins:
Mobs- Lvl 7 Lapis, Lv7 Linking Hammers
Bosses- Lvl 8 Lapis

Pandorashys/Lann'harr: Power/Defense Lapisia

Dwater Altars- 50+ Mounts, DP Coin(Low Rate)

Mobs: Fireworks, App. Change Scrolls, Goddess Apples, FC Lvl 2, Helmet Lapis Lvl 1
Boss: Everlasting Mini Accessories

Mobs- FB Lvl 4, FC Lvl 3, Lvl 6 Lapis, Helmet Lapis Lvl 2
Minibosses- Lvl 8 Lapis
Kimu- Lv 100 Helmets/Caps, FB Lvl 5, Super Accs

Caelum Greendieta (Sky City):
Mobs- FC Lv 4, FB Lv4, Everlasting Helmet Lapis Lv1 & 2
Boxes- Op's and Lc's
TOWERS- ele 1
BOSS (Greendieta Seraphim)- Purple 90 weapons

DD1- FB lvl 4, Dual Lapis lvl 5, FC Lv4

DD2- Accessory Lapis, FC Lvl 5

Jungle: Dual Lapis Lvl 5, lvl 60 Accs

Caelum Sacra:
Mobs- Op's & Lc's, Flash/Sonic Lapis Lv 2
Dios- Lv 100 Armor, lv 90 Armor, Lv 100 Accs

Oblivion Insula:
Mobs- Lv8 Lapis
Bosses- Everlasting Lapis, FB Lv5

Kanos Ilium:
Golems- Fb Lv 4, Helmet Lapis Lv 2, Universal Enchant Items, Purple 90 Gear
Ele Mobs- Ops, Lucky Charms, FC Lvl 5
Bosses- Lv 100 Gear/Weapons, Lv 100 Accs

Dimencion's Crack-
Mobs- FB Lv5
Bosses- Purple Weapons, Everlasting Lapis
CTI III- Lv 100 Capes, FB Lv 5

GRB- Lucky Charms, FB Lvl 4 (or 5), (10)Etin

Canyon Of Greed-
Bosses-Lv 60 Mobster Gear Gear, Letters, Lv 60 God Accs, Lv 60 Weapons
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